Nota: generalmente uso l'espressione lambda al posto di Fluent API, ma il problema di root dovrebbe essere lo stesso. In altre parole, ci sono problemi nel prendere qualcosa dal database e lanciarlo in una classe personalizzata nella stessa catena.

entity framework e tipo anonimo

Ci sono modi in cui ho risolto questo problema, anche se non ho mai trovato un modo uniforme per affrontare questo problema in genere dipende dall'opinione del mio revisore del codice, se gli piace o meno la correzione.

Se usi le espressioni lambda al posto dell'API fluentepuoi chiamare. ToList dopo aver applicato i filtri ma prima di chiamare il metodo.

A quel punto, puoi chiamare l'istruzione. Select senza incappare nello stesso problema. Non sono mai stato in grado di confermare ufficialmente i miei sospetti sulla causa principale di questo problema; ma i workaround che ho citato dovrebbero funzionare come li ho applicati numerose volte in passato. Funziona bene AuthorisationChecks where wedNumbers.

Contains ac. WedNo orderby ac. WedNo, ac. ExpAuthDate, ac. ToList ; model. ToList ; Tuttavia, se cambio The entity or complex type 'Model. ActAuthDate select ac. Modificato il tipo di modello. Paul Zahra.

Bulk Delete.Tracking behavior controls if Entity Framework Core will keep information about an entity instance in its change tracker.

If an entity is tracked, any changes detected in the entity will be persisted to the database during SaveChanges. EF Core will also fix up navigation properties between the entities in a tracking query result and the entities that are in the change tracker. Keyless entity types are never tracked.

Wherever this article mentions entity types, it refers to entity types which have a key defined. You can view this article's sample on GitHub. By default, queries that return entity types are tracking. Which means you can make changes to those entity instances and have those changes persisted by SaveChanges. In the following example, the change to the blogs rating will be detected and persisted to the database during SaveChanges.

Le query senza rilevamento delle modifiche sono utili quando i risultati vengono usati in uno scenario di sola lettura. No tracking queries are useful when the results are used in a read-only scenario. They're quicker to execute because there's no need to set up the change tracking information.

If you don't need to update the entities retrieved from the database, then a no-tracking query should be used. You can swap an individual query to be no-tracking. Since a tracking query uses the change tracker, EF Core will do identity resolution in a tracking query. When materializing an entity, EF Core will return the same entity instance from the change tracker if it's already being tracked. If the result contains same entity multiple times, you get back same instance for each occurrence.

No-tracking queries don't use the change tracker and don't do identity resolution. So you get back new instance of entity even when the same entity is contained in the result multiple times.

This behavior was different in versions before EF Core 3.

entity framework e tipo anonimo

Even if the result type of the query isn't an entity type, EF Core will still track entity types contained in the result by default. Nella query seguente, che restituisce un tipo anonimo, le istanze di Blog nel set di risultati verranno incluse nel rilevamento delle modifiche. In the following query, which returns an anonymous type, the instances of Blog in the result set will be tracked.

If the result set doesn't contain any entity types, then no tracking is done.

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In the following query, we return an anonymous type with some of the values from the entity but no instances of the actual entity type. There are no tracked entities coming out of the query. EF Core supporta la valutazione dei client nella proiezione di primo livello. EF Core supports doing client evaluation in the top-level projection. If EF Core materializes an entity instance for client evaluation, it will be tracked.

EF Core doesn't track the keyless entity instances contained in the result. But EF Core tracks all the other instances of entity types with key according to rules above. Alcune delle regole precedenti hanno funzionato in modo diverso prima di EF Core 3,0. Some of the above rules worked differently before EF Core 3. Per ulteriori informazioni, vedere versioni precedenti. For more information, see previous versions. Before version 3. Di seguito sono riportate le differenze rilevanti: Notable differences are as follows:.NET that support the development of data-oriented software applications.

Os arquitetos e desenvolvedores de aplicativos orientados a dados lutam com a necessidade de realizar dois objetivos muito diferentes.

Architects and developers of data-oriented applications have struggled with the need to achieve two very different objectives. They must model the entities, relationships, and logic of the business problems they are solving, and they must also work with the data engines used to store and retrieve the data. The data may span multiple storage systems, each with its own protocols; even applications that work with a single storage system must balance the requirements of the storage system against the requirements of writing efficient and maintainable application code.

The Entity Framework enables developers to work with data in the form of domain-specific objects and properties, such as customers and customer addresses, without having to concern themselves with the underlying database tables and columns where this data is stored. With the Entity Framework, developers can work at a higher level of abstraction when they deal with data, and can create and maintain data-oriented applications with less code than in traditional applications.

NET Framework, os aplicativos Entity Framework podem ser executados em qualquer computador no qual o. Because the Entity Framework is a component of the. NET Framework starting with version 3. A longstanding and common design approach when building an application or service is the division of the application or service into three parts: a domain model, a logical model, and a physical model. The domain model defines the entities and relationships in the system that is being modeled.

The logical model for a relational database normalizes the entities and relationships into tables with foreign key constraints.

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The physical model addresses the capabilities of a particular data engine by specifying storage details such as partitioning and indexing. The physical model is refined by database administrators to improve performance, but programmers writing application code primarily confine themselves to working with the logical model by writing SQL queries and calling stored procedures. Domain models are generally used as a tool for capturing and communicating the requirements of an application, frequently as inert diagrams that are viewed and discussed in the early stages of a project and then abandoned.

Many development teams skip creating a conceptual model and begin by specifying tables, columns, and keys in a relational database. The Entity Framework gives life to models by enabling developers to query entities and relationships in the domain model called a conceptual model in the Entity Framework while relying on the Entity Framework to translate those operations to data source—specific commands.

This frees applications from hard-coded dependencies on a particular data source. When working with Code First, the conceptual model is mapped to the storage model in code. The Entity Framework can infer the conceptual model based on the object types and additional configurations that you define. The mapping metadata is generated during run time based on a combination of how you defined your domain types and additional configuration information that you provide in code.

Entity Framework generates the database as needed based on the metadata. For more information, see Creating a Model.If you are using an earlier version, some or all of the information does not apply. The video and step-by-step walkthrough shows how to map table-valued functions TVFs using the Entity Framework Designer. TVFs are currently only supported in the Database First workflow. TVF support was introduced in Entity Framework version 5. NET Framework 4,5.

Note that to use the new features like table-valued functions, enums, and spatial types you must target. NET Framework 4. O Visual Studio visa o. Visual Studio targets. NET 4. TVFs are very similar to stored procedures with one key difference: the result of a TVF is composable. Instale o banco de dados escolar.

entity framework e tipo anonimo

Install the School database. Open the file where the Main method is defined. Add the following code into the Main function. The following code demonstrates how to build a query that uses a Table-valued Function.

The query projects the results into an anonymous type that contains the related Course title and related students with a grade greater or equal to 3.

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Documentação do Entity Framework

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